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Gelatos, Sorbetto and Shaved Ice

We hand craft our gelato right here in our store. We use only the highest quality and freshest ingredients available. Please come and see why we have the best Gelato around. There are no hydrogenated fats in any of our products.

Gelato is made with milk unlike Ice Cream. Our product has between 5-7% butterfat as compared with 17-30% butterfat found in Ice Cream. That is why the flavor is so much more intense.

Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt contain up to 70% air, our product has less than 10% giving it a rich delicate texture.

Our Sorbettos are made with our Purified water.

We have a Healthy Chocolate that is made from a diabetic base (fructose) and skim milk. We also have Strawberry Yogurt made with skim milk and splenda, You have to try them!

We feature Italian Sodas and rare sodas, made with pure cane sugar. No high fructose corn syrup.

We Cater Events! Call us.

Gelato and Sorbettos:

Kids Cone: $1.00 includes tax
Value Cone: $2.00 includes tax
Small Gelato 3 oz. $3.00
includes tax
Medium Gelato 4 oz. $4.00 includes tax
Large Gelato 5 oz. $5.00 includes tax
X-Large Gelato 6 oz. $6.00 includes tax
Pint of Gelato: $8.00
Quart of Gelato: $14.00
5 liter pan (serves 30) with one day notice: $55.00

Shaved Ice

Small $2.00
Medium $3.00
Large $400