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What exactly is ionized water? Ionization simply means to gain or lose an electron. Water that has been ionized becomes either alkaline water or acidic water, meaning that the pH has been adjusted up or down. Alkaline water is full of Hydroxyl ions, and it is loaded with measurable antioxidants which make it great for drinking. Acidic water is full of Hydrogen ions. This water can be applied to the outside of our bodies to help sooth skin. It is also great for plant growth.

How does a water ionizer produce ionized water? Water is run over positive and negative electrodes, which ionizes the water. The ionized water is separated into alkaline water and acidic water as it passes through membranes. This is accomplished by repelling the water, now that it has been "charged" into positive and negative ions.

Why Should I drink Ionized water? There are three main benefits to Ionized Water. First and foremost, it is a powerful antioxidant. People spend hundreds of dollars a month purchasing antioxidants because they help to neutralize damaging free radicals. Since Ionized Water is a liquid antioxidant, it is absorbed easily which makes it much more effective and very inexpensive.Secondly, Ionized Water is very alkaline. Most American diets consist of foods that are extremely acidic, which over time, can prove to be unhealthy. Consuming large amounts of soft drinks, fast food & processed foods can contribute to weight gain and sluggishness. Maintaining an alkaline pH (6.9-7.2) helps us to maintain an ideal environment within our bodies. Third, Ionized Water is very hydrating.. Ionized water contains only five to six water molecules per cluster while conventional water contains ten to thirteen water molecules per cluster. The water cluster of ionized water has changed from an irregular shape that has 10-13 molecules to a hexagonal shape that is half the size. This smaller or "reduced" water is, therefore, very absorbable.

How does ionized water taste compared to conventional water? A common remark regarding the taste of Ionized Water is that it tastes smoother than conventional water. This is because of the molecule cluster size and shape. It also does not fill you up and bloat you the way conventional water can do if you drink a lot of it at once.

How long does alkaline ionized water stay ionized for? The Antioxidant (hydroxyl ions) will last approximately 18-24 hours. The higher pH (alkaline properties) will last approximately 1-2 weeks. The smaller molecule cluster size will last approximately 1-3 months.

Does ionized water have any negative effects? Absolutely none, so long as it is used properly. Only the alkaline water should be consumed. NEVER DRINK THE ACIDIC WATER. We have never seen a single negative effect from Ionized Water, either alkaline water or acidic water when properly consumed/used.

Who should drink ionized water? Alkaline ionized water is great for everyone; this includes children, adults, elders and even your animals! It has benefits to some degree to nearly everyone and everything it comes in contact with.

How should I start drinking ionized water? Start out drinking a lower level strength at level one, drinking 1-3 glasses per day. If the ionized water agrees with you, increase the amount you drink and the level of Ionization intensity. The stronger, the better up to level 9.5 pH, but take your time in building up to the higher levels. The antioxidant is most powerful on the high levels. Some find that they experience more energy at the higher levels, but the fresher the ionized Water is, the stronger these properties are.

Can ionized water be used commercially? Yes, in innumerable ways; in the dairy industry, with livestock, and helps grow faster, healthier, crops, etc. The Alkaline Ionized Water can be made available to animals. The Acidic Ionized Water will benefit crops. Alkaline Ionized Water is great for livestock. Providing livestock with clean water is healthy and creates an overall cleaner environment. Plus, the small cluster size helps animals stay better hydrated. Tests are underway in various industries demonstrating the positive effects of Ionized Water but they are still in their infancy.

How does ionized water affect sports professionals? In an extremely positive way! Numerous athletes have reported increased stamina and endurance from drinking the water because of the abundance of oxygen and smaller cluster size of the water molecule. When professional and amateur athletes discover Ionized Water, it usually becomes one of the most established benefits to them. Actually, the U.S. Olympic Speed skating Team has our units in their training facility.

Why should I buy a water ionizer? The Health Benefits of Ionized Water are numerous (as stated above). It is best to have a machine readily available because fresher the water, the better it is. To have Ionized Acidic Water on hand 24 hours a day is worth the price of the Ionizer alone. Once you begin to use it and take advantage of its incredible properties, you will know that you have made the right decision to purchase one.

Will I need a plumber to install a water ionizer? No; this can be done by an average person who has little or no plumbing experience.

How long will it take to install a water ionizer? Approximately 5-10 minutes. Refer to the user guide for installation instructions, or check the support page for our installation video.

Will I need any additional parts to install my new water ionizer? About 1% of all taps do not have the standard screw thread that will fit the faucet diverter that comes with your Water Ionizer. In the unlikely event the faucet diverter will not fit your sink, note what kind of faucet you have and take the faucet adapter to any hardware store. They will have the necessary parts you will need to complete the installation.

What kind of warranty does my new water ionizer have? The MMP-7070 now carries a standard 10 year warranty on parts and service. Our MMP-7070 TURBO and MMP-9090 TURBO EXTREME unit now carry a Lifetime Warranty on parts and service.

Do I absolutely have to use my tap water with the water ionizer or can I use my bottled water? A Flojet 5 Gallon Pump which is designed to pump water from a 5 gallon water bottle to a sink faucet or refrigerator ice machine is available for purchase. This could also be used to pump bottled water from the 5 gallon container to the Water Ionizer. All that you will need is the necessary fittings (available at any hardware store) so that the Flojet Pump can deliver water to the Water Ionizer.

How much water should I drink and at what strength when I first get the ionizer? This will depend partly on what kind of physical shape you are in when you initially start drinking Ionized Water. For instance, if you have made a conscious effort to eat well and keep your body detoxified, you can start drinking Ionized Water at about a 9 on the pH scale. However, if you have been on medication for some time, or if you had a poor diet of fast food, processed food, or a diet void of fresh fruits and vegetables, you will need to begin drinking Ionized Water on Level One (between 7-8 pH). Start by drinking an 8 oz. glass of water slowly. If you do not feel any negative effects, try another glass later in the day. If you are fine with that, move up to the next level. The stronger the Ionized Water you drink up to a level of9.5 pH,, the better it is for you. Stronger Ionized Water is more alkaline, and contains stronger antioxidants that provide your body with more Oxygen.

What can I expect from drinking ionized water? Any changes will initially depend on what level of strength you begin drinking Ionized Water. Ionized Water provides your body with lots of oxygen, which is why it gives us energy. Ionized Water is much smoother tasting than conventional water. It makes better coffee, tea, juice, etc. Alkaline Water is wonderful to cook with because it helps hydrate the food and bring out its flavor. However, other changes in your body after drinking Ionized Water will be much more subtle and will take some time. Ionized Water can help bring your body into balance naturally by providing it with oxygen and alkalinity.

Can a person become too alkaline from drinking ionized water? People have been known to drink as much as 1 to 2 gallons of Ionized Water every day and receive great benefits from it, without becoming too Alkaline. In short, it is very difficult for us to become too Alkaline. We should always drink Alkaline Water.

Take a look at the 15 Reasons why we carry Tyent .

We realized from the very beginning that we had a decision to make as we set out to find the highest quality water ionization system ever created and by the way the best value. They use the biggest, strongest, highest quality components available with hopes that it will be the choice for those that demand the best for themselves and their family?

The high standards that they set have given them bragging rights for the verifiable physical differences that set Tyent USA apart from the rest. If you have spent any time at all researching the industry you probably found very quickly that everyone has an opinion, and that it seems difficult to make sense of it all.

So how do you really find the best machine with so many videos, so many opinions, so many stories? We urge you to take a step back from it all and educate yourself.

1.)    Largest plate surface area in the industry
Our machines have 9 of the largest plates in the industry. Larger plates mean stronger alkaline and acidic water capabilities, stronger PH, stronger ORP, and maximally beneficial water. Our medical grade titanium plates are coated with the highest quality platinum available. Our 10x system means that our plates are dipped 10 times with platinum and then baked to ensure quality and longevity.

2.)    Hybrid plate technology
Our plates have the durability of solid plates with the correct placement of electrolysis distribution vents for maximum surface area.

3.)    375 watts of power
Our Turbo machine has the most power in the industry. The power works closely with the plates to create the beneficial properties of the water. More power means that extreme super waters can be created without chemicals.

4.)    Extreme filtration
The Tyent line of water ionizers have the largest physical filters in the industry. Do not overlook the physical size of the filters. Larger physical filter size means there is more room for the filtration media, and with more filtration media, you will get the best filtration available in the industry.

5.)    Forever Guarantee
Their lifetime warranty does not contain the word “limited” because there very simply aren’t any limits. Read our warranty carefully and then compare it to our competitor’s warranties. We have no stipulations, no fine print, and no doubt that your water ionizer will last a lifetime. In fact the only thing our warranty doesn’t cover is intentional or accidental physical damage from the result of dropping the unit off a building for example. Besides that , you are covered regardless of your water type or how much water you produce.

6.)    Super Water Capability
Tyent coined the termed “Super Water” and we are still the ONLY machine with large enough plates and enough power to produce super water without chemicals. Super water means that we have a range of 2.3 to 12.0 on the PH scale. As with all chemical free machines, these levels are always based on your source water.

7.)    Korean Food and Drug Administration approval
The machine is a certified medical device in Korea and is used by hundreds of doctors in Asia to help a plethora of conditions.

8.)    ISO Certifications
Their factory is both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. The ISO is the international standards organization and it means quality control is up to par.

9.)    CSA  & UL approved
CSA organization uses the same standards as Underwriters Laboratories which is also known as UL.  Tyent USA is both CSA and UL approved.

10.) SMPS  Power
A switched managed power supply (SMPS) is the same power technology that is used in flat panel televisions. It is reliable, it doesn’t get hot like an old school transformer, and it allows you to adjust your power based on your source water.

11.) Over 50 power settings
With their advanced SMPS power system, you can adjust your Tyent water ionizer so that is creating the best water based on where you live. The water that flows from your faucet has specific characteristics that should not be ignored. With the ability to dial in your Tyent Water Ionizer based on your source water is a benefit that will give you the flexibility to create great water no matter where you live.

12.) One Touch Technology
Their machines are the only machines in the industry that have true one touch technology. With only one touch of a button, you can have clean, healthy water anytime. Our machines are easy enough for children, seniors, and everyone in between.

13.) Chemical and Lead Free
The machines are certified chemical and lead free. Insist on chemical free. Regardless of what you are told by the sellers of chemical based machines, these chemicals travel through the same water cell that your drinking water comes from, so logic will tell you that traces of this chemical will be in your drinking water.

14.) ABT
Their anti-bacterial technology means that our machines have the ability to kill micro organisms and other living bacteria found in water that could be potentially harmful. This technology eliminates the need for a UV light and is more effective at killing bacteria.

15.) PAST Cleaning system
Their Polarity Anti Scale Technology (PAST) is the most advanced cleaning system in the industry. Better cleaning means longer lasting components and healthier water.

The 15 Reasons for Tyent listed above are verifiable facts. These 15 things mean that we don’t need to make excuses or twist the truth. We simply have the biggest, strongest, and most advanced components, so we produce the very best chemical free ionized water in the industry. Our lifetime warranty means that you can be certain that we believe in and stand behind our products. 

Buy Once, Buy Right, Buy Tyent!

What is ORP? and Why is it so important?

The ORP of alkaline water is where alkaline ionized water drinkers get the biggest benefits.

“Oxidation reduction potential” or “ORP” as it is referred to in the water ionizer industry, equals antioxidant potential.

While drinking alkaline water offers benefits over drinking regular tap or bottled water, the ORP (oxidation reduction potential) of the water is the true measure of its potential health benefits.

Not all “alkaline water” is equal when it comes to ORP.

Alkaline water that has been produced by a water ionizer will have a high “negative ORP.” The “negative” implies the “reduction” power (oxidation reduction) of the water. Most tap and bottled water will have a positive ORP – some bottled alkaline water will have a slight negative ORP – but if you are looking for water that is not only alkaline but loaded with antioxidant properties, Tyent alkaline ionized water is the way to go.

How Good ORP is Achieved

There are a number of bottled waters on the market that claim to be “alkaline” and carry the negative charge which creates the negative ORP number, but none will compare to the water produced by a Tyent water ionizer.

These bottled versions of “structured” or “alkaline” or “antioxidant” water have been treated with a blend of minerals which interact to elevate the pH and interact with the water molecules to create a mild negative ORP. While these bottled waters are a better choice than regular tap water or common types of bottled water, they still don’t offer the more significant antioxidant potential found in Tyent water that has been “ionized.”

Water with the highest negative ORP is created by the process of electrolysis – an electrical current delivered to stimulate the separation of elements. Water ionizers are simply “water electrolysis” machines with filtration to remove common contaminants from the water for drinking. Every Tyent water ionizer has an electrolysis chamber containing the largest highly conductive plates in the industry which deliver and electrical current to the water.

The electrical current delivered during the electrolysis – or ionization – process creates a separation of the elements that make up the water at a molecular level. The elements/minerals that carry a negative charge are drawn to one side of the chamber and those carrying a positive charge are drawn to another. The water with the negative charge is dispensed from one area of the water ionizer creating drinking water with a high number of negatively charged electrons – or high ORP (oxidation reduction potential.) Water containing the negatively charged electrons is released through a separate hose.

Through the ionization process, water with high ORP is created. Nothing has been “added” to the water and the water ionizer’s filtration system has removed most common contaminants like chlorine and VOC’s. The negative ions in the water, when consumed, actively seek out positively charged electrons in the body – oxidizing elements in our bodies – reducing oxidation that contributes to illness and age-related diseases – acting as an anti-oxidant.Tyent Alkaline Ionized WaterDrinking alkaline water is definitely a step in the right direction. You are reducing your acid intake. The alkaline ionized water produced by most water ionizers on the market will have an ORP of at least -300 at the 9.5 pH level recommended for drinking. The Tyent water ionizers are producing an ORP of -450 to -600 (sometimes -800 depending on source water) at the 9.5pH level and -200 to -400 at the lower alkaline settings. That’s a big difference when compared to other ionizers out on the market today. The reason Tyent Ionizers do so well wilh the –ORP and Ph levels is because of 2 simple things…Plates and Power!

***Remember… The larger the surface area and more power behind the water ionizer equals more of an effect on the water = more benefits or results to the people who are drinking the water! Period!

It is quite simple formula above…it doesn’t matter the name or brand of the ionizer itself it depends on those two things mentioned …Plates and Power! That is why the Tyent brand stands out from the rest in the water ionizer industry. There is no other water ionizer that has more surface area or power than the Tyent 9090 Turbo unit or the Tyent 9000T under the counter model…no other ionizer can compete or compare!

The higher ORP levels do a better job of reducing oxidizing toxins from the body. The molecular restructuring of the water makes it more readily absorbed by the body and therefore more hydrating. The ionization process makes the oxygen in the water more readily available to help increase mental and physical energy levels.

Tyent alkaline ionized water…when only the best will do!!